Ant and Dec get the giggles as they take coronavirus tests together

Ant and Dec get the giggles as they take coronavirus tests together

Ant and Dec get the giggles as they take coronavirus tests together

The pair are tested regularly to ensure they can keep working alongside one another

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Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly couldn’t hold back their laughter as they wound each other up while taking their coronavirus tests.

The Britain’s Got Talent stars are being tested regularly so that they can continue to film together safely without social distancing.

In a video shared on their joint Instagram account, the Geordie duo gave an insight into what the testing process is like – albeit with a few added laughs.

“Every four days, we have to get a Covid test so we can sit next to each other,” McPartlin, 44, explained to their followers before introducing their medic, Matt, and volunteering to take the test first.

The pair kept cracking each other up throughout (@antanddec)

“If you haven’t had one, throat first… then the same thing goes in your nostril,” he added.

Once he had finished, he asked his co-star whether he was “looking forward” to the process, prompting Donnelly to pull a horrified face to the camera.

McPartlin then asked him “How are you with these?” prompting Donnelly to bluff that he found them “fine.”

Once it was Donnelly’s turn to take the test though, things didn’t go quite so smoothly, with his friend causing him to crack up while the medic attempted to swab his throat.

Donnelly was also less than impressed by the nasal swab, visibly cringing as it was inserted into his nostril.

Donnelly didn’t seem to deal too well with the process (@antanddec)

“Tickly brain! He doesn’t like that,” McPartlin noted, causing his presenting partner to collapse into laughter.

“That was the most uncomfortable test I’ve ever had,” Donnelly said, before adding: “We shall do them individually from here on in.”

The pair previously explained on This Morning that they didn’t have to maintain a distance between one another because their “households are connected and [they] form a cohort” during filming.

McPartlin and Donnelly will present the Britain’s Got Talent grand final on Saturday and will join forces shortly after for the latest series of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here.

The contest will be filmed in North Wales for the first time after the coronavirus pandemic made it impossible to produce the show as normal in Australia.