Billie Eilish is launching a Fender ukulele

Billie Eilish is launching a Fender ukulele

Billie Eilish is launching a Fender ukulele

The ukelele is Billie Eilish’s main songwriting tool

Billie Eilish is teaming up with Fender to release her own signature ukelele.

The ukelele has a built-in preamp and is branded with Eilish’s signature “blohsh” logo.

The instrument is Eilish’s main songwriting tool after she learnt it at the age of six.

“As soon as she burst onto the scene with her 2015 single ‘Ocean Eyes,’ it was clear that Billie Eilish is a force to be reckoned with,” a statement announcing the ukelele reads, as reported in Billboard.

“In the years since, she has established herself as a new kind of pop culture icon, taking the fashion and music industries by storm on her own terms.

“Billie’s meteoric ascent to pop stardom started with the ukulele, the first instrument she learned to play. Designed in collaboration with Billie Eilish, her Signature Ukulele is a stage-ready instrument that embodies Billie’s bold, unmistakable style.”

Eilish said in a statement: “The ukulele was the first instrument I learned: it’s where I started writing, and where I found new ways of writing that I had never tried before. It inspires a different kind of writing.

“The rules of the ukulele are simple, and basically if you know three chords you can play almost any song. I hope my Fender Signature ukulele inspires people to start playing, and start writing — anyone can do it.”

Eilish recently released her new single My Future, accompanied by an Anime-style music video.

The “Billie Eilish Uke” is selling at £239.