Carole Baskin slams ex-husband's family for 'publicity stunt' advert

Carole Baskin slams ex-husband's family for 'publicity stunt' advert

Carole Baskin has responded to an ad placed by the family of her second husband Don Lewis, calling it a “publicity stunt”.

During Baskin’s debut on Dancing With the Stars on Monday night in the US, a commercial placed by Lewis’ family played in Florida markets, appealing for information about his disappearance.

The clip, which featured Lewis’ three daughters, his former personal assistant and their family attorney, referenced allegations that Baskin was involved in his disappearance, and offered a US$100,000 reward for information.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Baskin said: “I have not seen the ad. I am not at all surprised.

“It’s just been a huge publicity stunt on their part so what more could they possibly do than that?”

Lewis disappeared in 1997 and the story was featured in the Netflix series Tiger King.

Baskin’s rival Joe Exotic alleged that Baskin killed Lewis – which she has vehemently denied.

Baskin told Entertainment Tonight that her critics should “find something to do that’s worthwhile with your life.”

She said: “Spending time worrying about what I’m doing is probably not a really good use of your time.

“I’m not worried about what people say because even when they’re saying things that [are] negative, it’s keeping the conversation out there [about rescue animals] in the public eye.

“As long as I can keep that conversation out there, I can keep the cats in the spotlight and that’s my goal.”

Baskin performed a Paso Doble to Eye of the Tiger with her professional partner Pasha Pashkov on Monday’s episode, scoring 11/30 from the judges.