Emma Willis 'overwhelmed' by response to 'iconic' Instagram picture of son Ace

Emma Willis 'overwhelmed' by response to 'iconic' Instagram picture of son Ace

Emma Willis has said she was “overwhelmed” by the response to a picture of her son Ace.

The host of The Voice, 44, shared a picture on Instagram of her eight-year-old son wearing a short pink T-shirt, jeans and pink trainers. Ace also has long hair.

In the background of the shot is Ace’s father, Busted star Matt Willis.

Willis captioned it: “My little style icon (Ace, not Matt).”

The picture received almost 75,000 likes on Instagram, with many users praising the image for breaking down gender stereotypes.

This morning, Willis was asked about the reaction to the image during an appearance on today’s Good Morning Britain.

She said: “Do you know what I was really overwhelmed actually, because it’s just my son in a pink top… and for me that’s kind of normality because he loves colour, he’s always had long hair.

“He’s a very free and open-minded boy who is like, ‘Why do I have to dress in green and blue and grey if I like pink and red and purple? Why is that not okay?’

“We’re raising him as an open-minded and inclusive individual.”

Willis added: “There was some negativity but that’s the beauty of the block button.”

The presenter and the former pop star met in about 2005, marrying in 2008.

Their first daughter Isabelle was born in June 2009. Ace followed in 2011 and their youngest, Trixie, was born in 2016.