Harry Styles 'writes note for superfan and feeds her fish while she's out'

Harry Styles 'writes note for superfan and feeds her fish while she's out'

Harry Styles surprised a superfan by writing her a note and feeding her fish after he was welcomed in to her family home for a cup of tea when his car broke down.

The extraordinary tale began when the former One Direction star, 26, who this week released single Golden, had car trouble and broke down outside a fan called Theadora’s house.

According to reports online, Styles was invited in to the family home by her father to wait for roadside assistance. Sadly, Theadora was not in.

But Styles wrote his superfan a note – saying he was ���devastated” to miss her. He also reportedly signed her copy of his album Fine Line and then made sure her pet fish was well fed.

A picture shared online – and which has now gone viral – shows Styles posing by the fish tank as he feeds the creature.

The image was originally shared by photographer Sonya Jasinski, who wrote: “When Harry fed Theadora’s Goldfish. Happy 13th Birthday.”

Theadora also shared the image, but her account has been set to private.

Harry wrote in his note: “Theadora, my car broke down on your street and your dad’s friend kindly let me wait at your house with a cup of tea.

“I’m devastated that we missed each other. Looking forward to meeting soon. Treat people with kindness. Sending you all my love, I’m so sorry we missed each other. Until next time, Harry.”

He also wrote in big letters below: “P.S. I fed the fish.”

Photographer Sonia said there were “tears galore” when it was revealed to Theadora that Harry had paid a visit – and she missed him.

Styles postponed a global tour of his latest album Fine Line due to Coronavirus.

This week, he endorsed Joe Biden for US president.

The British singer, who cannot vote in the upcoming election, shared a campaign video from the Democratic contender on Twitter. He wrote: “If I could vote in America, I’d vote with kindness.”

He follows in the footsteps of stars including Justin Timberlake and Taylor Swift in backing Biden.