Hot Bods

Hot Bods

Shaun Phang, 26 Business consultant

Height: 1.81m Weight: 81kg

Exercise regimen: I exercise three to four times a week at fitness corners. I focus on callisthenics and split my workouts into full-body push, pull or full-compound movement days, around 45 to 75 minutes each session.

Diet: I am on a ketogenic-cycling diet: One month high fats, low carbs and one month on normal feasting. For keto months, it is kopi-o kosong with two scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast. I have broccoli and avocados with lamb, beef or salmon for lunch. Dinner is usually egg with sardines, salmon or tuna and some vegetables. I will take a spoonful of natural peanut butter, almonds or macadamia nuts if I crave a snack. I rarely consume alcohol and avoid sugary items.

Chua Jiayee, 25 Engineer and freelance trainer

Height: 1.61m Weight: 50kg

Exercise regimen: My workouts have lots of supersets like barbell squats with jump squats or bench press with plyo push-ups. I train four to six times a week, one to two hours each time; mostly on legs and shoulders. If I feel sore, I will go for sports massage to avoid injury.

Diet: I do three to five meals daily. Breakfast is usually a fruit, sandwich or wrap with eggs or grilled chicken. Lunch is two servings of vegetables and one of steak. Dinner is two servings of carbohydrates and two of chicken. I have home-cooked meals on weekdays. I abstain from greasy and deep fried food.