Laura Whitmore reveals how she deals with her 'love hate' relationship with social media

Laura Whitmore reveals how she deals with her 'love hate' relationship with social media

Laura Whitmore reveals how she deals with her ‘love hate’ relationship with social media

The presenter “has fallen in love with online all over again” while using social media to stay connected during the pandemic

Laura Whitmore has admitted to having a “love hate” relationship with social media – but said she now knows when to “step away” to protect her mental health.

The Irish television and radio presenter, 35, said it took time for her to “learn how to deal” with social media “in the right way” and come to terms with the fact there will “always be trolls” and negativity online.

The Love Island host told Standard Online: “I have a love hate relationship with social media. While technology is good and has been so helpful during lockdown, my screen time has been so bad. I think we just have to learn to deal with it in the right way.

“I started checking in with my followers, seeing if they are ok. And that’s very positive. But there is always going to be someone, some trolls, online who aren’t going to agree with you. You just have to know when to step away from it.”

Whitmore, who took over the Love Island presenting role from the late Caroline Flack, has said she was initially wary of stepping in to present the ITV2 dating show because she “questioned whether I wanted to put myself in such a position that would invite public scrutiny.”

However, in March as the world went in to lockdown, she said: “As our real world got scarier, the internet got, well, a little bit nicer. I’ve fallen in love with online all over again, and it feels so good.���

Whitmore has also assured fans that when Love Island returns in summer 2021 it will be “bigger than ever.”

“I think everyone will need it more than ever – after not much dating during lockdown and the pandemic and also no holidays. We’ve already got more applicants than ever before.”

Earlier this year, Whitmore was announced as one of two new team captains on ITV comedy show Celebrity Juice, along with Emily Atack. It comes after Holly Willoughby quit the show after 12 years.

The presenter confirmed the cast were filming the show, adding she was treating it as her night out every week.

“We are making shows again, which is really exciting,” she said. “I have big shoes to fill. Holly always said it was her night out of the week, so we’re not really going out at the moment so I guess it will be my night out of the house now. I love the show and I have always been very lucky that I have worked on a lot of shows I am a fan of.”

Whitmore was speaking as an ambassador of Candy Crush Saga, which last month launched its first ever competitive online tournament. Over a million people have taken part in Candy Crush Saga All Stars competition, the grand finale of which will be broadcast online next week.

Whitmore also revealed she’s a keen gamer, adding: “It is something I do to get a bit of Laura time. It is total escapism. In my job there is a lot of hanging around and if I am feeling nervous ahead of a big show, then it take my mind off things.”

The Candy Crush Saga All Stars tournament finale will premiere on the Candy Crush Saga Official YouTube channel on Tuesday, October 13.