Who plays Gabriel in Emily in Paris? 6 facts about Netflix star Lucas Bravo

Who plays Gabriel in Emily in Paris? 6 facts about Netflix star Lucas Bravo

Many of us have spent our weekends letting the charms of Emily in Paris wash over us, indulging in the sights and sounds of the City of Light…via our Netflix accounts.

The series stars Lily Collins as a Chicago marketing executive who takes a job in Paris and experiences life and love as an American abroad.

In the French capital, she meets her handsome neighbour Gabriel (Lucas Bravo), a dashing young chef who becomes a love interest for Emily.

So who is Lucas Bravo? Read on to find out everything you need to know about the Emily in Paris star…

1. He’s in his thirties

Bravo is 32 and was born in Nice in the south of France.

2. He used to be a sous chef

The French actor coincidentally had experience as a sous chef before he stepped into the role of Gabriel.

Bravo told Vulture in an interview that he was a sous chef for a Japanese-French fusion restaurant.

“That was definitely my side job,” he said.

“I was auditioning at the same time. You know, you have ups and downs, and that was the slow part.

“I began bartending at the same restaurant, and the sous-chef left, and I asked the chef if I could help with a few things. Little by little he gave me more responsibilities.”

3. He’s a model

On top of acting, Bravo is signed to modelling agencies Tribe Management and Viva Model Management.

He has also modelled for Chanel previously.

4. Lucas loves Sex and the City

Bravo is a self-professed Sex and the City fan, which made his role on Emily in Paris all the more exciting given that it was created by Darren Star, who also created the acclaimed HBO series.

“I adore Sex and the City, honestly,” he told Glamour. “I watched it so many times over and over.

“I learned so much about things you should or shouldn’t do—in bed or elsewhere—thanks to that show. I absolutely love it. It’s the kind of the show where when you finish it, you feel like you lost members of your family.

“That’s why I felt pressure the first time I auditioned for Darren, because he’s so iconic to me. I respect his work so much.”

5. He’s single

Bravo shared to Glamour that he jokingly circled claims that he had a girlfriend when sharing his Wikipedia entry because it’s not true.

“I do not have a girlfriend; that’s why I circled it,” he said. “I purposely circled the wrong information because I thought the whole thing was funny.”

6. He’s on Instagram

Bravo’s Instagram follower count is naturally surging since Emily in Paris premiered on the streaming site on Friday, with his account currently tracking at 153,000 at the time of writing.

Bravo regularly shares selfies and professional shots, as well as pieces from Emily in Paris.

Emily in Paris is available to stream on Netflix now